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My name is Lisa, and I am a native of Northern Minnesota, born and raised. I grew up in a very rural area, moved to a small town and have worked in a small town my whole life. I began a career in health care in the late ’90s and have worked more or less in that field from then on, with brief respites…factory work which was noisy and dirty, cabinet shop-even more noisy and very dusty, then back to health care as a PCA/CNA.

I have authored two books and also have done some freelance writing with no real success. Mainly due to lack of time, some due to other priorities. Now however, at this point in my life, (approaching my 50th Birthday) It is time for a real change- a new chapter in my life. I cannot continue in the healthcare field too much longer. Each day takes a toll on the body. It is hard work taking care of people! I am still quite strong and wish to keep it that way.

Hence, the reason for this and other websites. I can do what I really love doing, which is sharing information and writing. I also enjoy photography, and my new career online will allow me to travel and work from wherever I may be at the time.

Feel free to visit another active site of mine here and here is a direct link to my profile page on WA

I am a real person, with real goals and aspirations for my future. Yes, even at 50… anything is possible if you have the mindset and willingness to achieve those goals. Just do it. There are no more excuses here for me. Once I put my mind to something there is very little if nothing that will get in my way. How bad one wants that change in life is what will prove to power you forward toward that goal.

I am hoping that I can help others on a different level..to achieve your own personal goals. I am here to help!

Stay Blessed,