Avoiding The Scam Sites- be aware

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Ever been scammed?

How many programs/websites have you visited that promised to show you how to make money online? They get you all excited about making thousands of dollars for “sending emails” or “copy and paste” and it’s all so simple! so, you sign up for “Instant access” and then you’re left in the dark. Been there-done that. And that is why this website is up here now. To put an end to your search once and for all.

Know what to look for

Does the site promise you that you will earn $10-$15,000 per month? Get real. Do you really think it is possible to make that much money-and within your first WEEK? No. Move on.

“Make money sending email” How do you think this program works? By spamming. which is illegal. Do you get junk email? I get tons of junk email and never read it. Thank goodness for the “delete all” feature in my mail box.

Copy and paste. Can you copy and paste? Then you can earn thousands. Seen this one? Me too. Move on.

Reading email. There are programs that claim you can earn money by reading email. I have earned a small sum with inbox dollars but it takes a full year to earn $30. worth your time? I gave that up because it was a waste of my time.

The gifting programs. These are sheer bologna. They get you to join and say you will have people placed under you once you send your first gift. NOT. Good luck finding others to join. Tried that too.

The pyramid. Works on the same concept as the gifting program. Stay far away. You are constantly seeking other suckers to join under you.

The Matrix. A new scheme out there. again..they promise big returns for your few hundred dollars you invest.

As the old saying goes: If it sounds too good to be true it is a scam to take your money and leave you in the dark.

I have been a victim of these scam sites and that is why I am here now. To let you know that you do NOT have to sacrifice your money in order to earn an income online.

I was the fool many times, seeking the get rich quick, with no idea what I was getting into or what I was doing. That is in the past and now I have a new beginning. A new lease and trust I never thought I would have ever again.

I thought it was impossible to make a living online. Not anymore. I got lucky, so to speak one night. Is there such a thing as divine intervention? I believe there is. I was yet again searching for the elusive  make money online program and was about to “click here for instant access” and waste yet another $39.95 when something told me to scroll down.

And I saw a link that said “if you really want to learn how to make money online for free click here”

So I did. And my whole life changed. Within the first few minutes I knew I had finally found all of the information I was seeking. I was prompted to create my free account and I did not hesitate.

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It has been a few months now and I haven’t looked back. If you want more information please email me anytime: lpluth@msn.com  and please visit my profile within the community.

Stay Blessed,