How to sell Ebooks online

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If you are wondering how to sell Ebooks online you have come to the right place.

First, are you looking to sell your own book or other peoples books-or both? This system will work for either and it takes a few steps, so keep reading.

Step One

You need a venue. In order to sell anything online you need a website, which requires the purchase of a domain and web hosting. Once you have your domain name and a web host, then you need to work on building your website.

Building a website doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know how, a website can be up and live in just a few minutes. Once you have chosen your theme and added the needed plug-ins, etc, then you are ready to begin adding content to your site. If you are stuck on step one, click HERE 

Step Two

You have your website and its domain address all ready to go. Great! Now you need content. If you are promoting your own book, create a synopsis of your books content along with some images to create an interest in your book. If your book is available on kindle then create a link for people to click to reach your book online. If you wish to promote other people’s books then you can create a web store on your site with as many books as you like via Amazon. You will need to be an Amazon affiliate in order to do this.

Step Three

Your site needs traffic. If you have no traffic going to your site then you will not be selling anything. Makes sense? If you have properly set up your website then you will know all about the plug in: All in one SEO pack and how it works and have set up google analytics and bing webmaster tools to work with your site. Why is this important?

Google analytic s and other tools help drive traffic to your site via indexing. If correctly used, your site can be indexed in a matter of minutes and be seen on the first page of your potential customers search engine. When was the last time you searched past the first page in your search results to find what you were looking for? Exactly. This is where key words come into play and there is a special tool for this as well.

Once you know what people are searching for using the key word tool, then you have a target audience specifically searching for the key word(s) that you will use  within your sites content. This is important because you will know exactly what to write about: Topic=key word=traffic=revenue

How To Get Started Today

I have learned everything I just shared with you and more by joining wealthy affiliate.

A few months ago all of this information made absolutely no sense to me. I had no idea where to begin implementing all of the steps I outlined above. Then I discovered WA and everything fell into place. It was within this community that I learned exactly how to get my own domain, build a website, add content and successfully have it indexed in order to receive the traffic I needed to earn an income.

I learned everything by watching the numerous video tutorials that show you step by step to do everything. And I joined for free. You can too. The key word tool is free, web hosting is free. Even your domain is free with the free  starter membership.


And you too can learn everything you need to know on how to sell E books online and so much more!

NO credit card required

24/7 live support from thousands of members

PROVEN success- online for 13 yrs and growing

Nothing to lose-  join today

Stay blessed,



How do you buy a domain name-more to it than that

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What is a domain name

A domain name will represent your online business or presence and should be chosen carefully. 

Hi. My name Is Lisa and I will answer how do you buy a domain name and even go further into this subject, because to simply explain buying a domain name is telling you nothing about how to choose a domain name and where to buy a domain name to maximize your online presence and achieve a source of income, which I am assuming will be your ultimate goal. Correct? Great, let’s get started!

Before I explain on how to buy a domain name, let me first ask you this question: What do you need a domain name for, meaning what is its purpose?

  1. To make money online
  2. To share knowledge
  3. To sell products
  4. Just because
To Make Money Online

This is the most popular and obvious reason for wanting to buy a domain name. First, how do you plan to make money online?

  1. Sell your own products/service
  2. Sell other peoples products/services
  3. Not sure-just want to make money
Sell your own products/service

You want to sell your own products or service. What are you selling or offering as a service? This is where you begin to choose your domain name.

Say you want to sell teddy bears and your name is Sally. You can name your domain

How do you know if that name is taken? It depends on where you purchase your domain name from, which is the next step after choosing a name that is relevant to the product/service you are offering. Am I making sense?

You are on my website named Why did I choose that name? Because I want to show people how to earn an honest living online. That is my goal. Okay, moving on…

There are many places to buy a domain name and here are a few:

wix free website domains

google domain names

You buy your domain name-then what?

Awesome! You have your domain name. Now what do you do with it?

  1. Let it sit there until you figure out what’s next
  2. Learn how to build a website- the reason for buying a domain name
  3. Nothing- I’m lost, this is too hard refunds?? (nope. no refunds)

Here is where I really come into the picture, because I know how to build a business beginning with choosing a name, purchasing the domain and setting up a website all from the same venue and it doesn’t cost a penny. Are you excited? You should be because I am not joking now.

What if I told you I now have three active websites online right now  that are generating traffic as you read this blog? (plus this one. That makes four)  Go ahead and check them out- I will wait-

Would you like to learn how to build a great looking website to go along with that domain name?

Have you decided that I am not pulling your leg? Those websites are actually mine and I didn’t know too much about building an online business until just a few months ago when I found the platform I am now using. It was the best decision I ever made. At my age, ( I just turned 50) and have been longing to do something different with my life. ( I was working in health care, which is hard on a body)

I found a free program  or platform I call it and looked at what they had to offer. I was immediately surprised to see that not only do they show you step by step via video tutorials, they also show you how to drive traffic to your new site. This is important because: if you have no traffic, you have no income. And this is where a lot of websites fail.

All too often I have seen programs (and wasted money on them) that promised to help me make money online and every time I was $39.95 or more poorer and not a step closer to what I was really looking for. Can you relate?

Click this link now to get more information on one way to use this program to earn money online. Remember: IT IS FREE and you will not be asked for a credit card-ever.

A direct link to this website is HERE

Take action now if you are serious about making a positive change in your life.

I really hope you choose to take a look at what we have to offer. Help is there 24/7- 365 and our community is always there to answer questions and steer you in the right direction.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. Subscribe and share too…I am here to help!



How to Earn A Living From Blogging

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How To Earn Money From Home

Welcome. My name is Lisa and I am going to show you how to earn a living from blogging. If you are a writer, or even if you do not have that much experience in writing/blogging, don’t let that scare you, because it is as simple as texting your friend on your phone, or creating a status on social media.

What Is A Blog?

I look at a blog as a personal space on the internet where you share ideas and inform your readers. What you are reading is a blog. For more information click the picture.

How To Earn A Living From Writing
click to learn what a blog is

As stated earlier, even if you are not a professional writer you can become a successful blogger. Here is one secret that a lot of the programs out there never share: It isn’t your words that create a successful blog, it is the content. Content is the key to a successful blog. Here’s why:

How Do People Find Your Blog?

If people can’t find your blog, they wont know it is there… unless you ask family or friends to visit it. How do people search for things on the internet- by typing an inquiry into google or some other search engine. To a blogger, those words are called keywords and are valuable. Why is this? It is called indexing.

When you type in a search for something, say dog food, you are brought to a page of results. This is the first page. How often do you continue on to the second or third page to find what you are seeking? This is how keywords play an important role in how people find your blog. Getting the idea?

How Do You Create A Blog

First, it really isn’t a good idea to name your blog after yourself. Why? Remember what you just read about keywords? How many people will be searching for you personally? Now that we have that straight, think about what you want to blog about. A specific topic come to mind? A Hobby? Think about it as we move on…

Building Your Blog

A blog is really a blogsite and uses the same platform as a website, such as wordpress. You begin by choosing a domain name. Do you have that topic I told you to think about? That can become your domain name. Awesome huh? Moving on…

Making Money By Blogging

Once you have your blogsites domain name, it can be monetized. This is where your content comes in. Your content will be created by using those keywords I mentioned, which will in turn drive traffic to your site. Every aspect of a blogsite revolves around keywords. There are different ways to earn money from blogging but the most successful way is by using affiliate links. This is how I earn income online. You can see one of my sites by clicking HERE

My name is Lisa and I am here to help

Now that you have a good idea how a blogsite can earn you money, Is it something you want to do part time or full time? I am now enjoying life by blogging full time and I absolutely love it.  ( I quit my job in healthcare after 15 yrs finally)I want to show others how to do the same!

Where Did I Learn It all?

I learned everything I shared with you and much more by joining an organization that offers a free course on making money online. It is free to join (no credit card needed). I would not be where I am today if I had not stumbled across this wonderful community.

I thought I could figure everything out for myself but failed over and over and nearly gave up, to continue working in a field that no longer gave me satisfaction. Not to mention the toll it takes on the body.

Are You Ready To Move On To Something Better?

Want a sneak peak into the world of successful affiliates? Click the link below

Getting Started

Create your free account, and once there look me up!  (LPluth)I and a host of others will be there to welcome you and share everything you need to know on how to  earn a living from blogging and much, much more!

Stay Blessed,

To Learn How To Make Money Online-Have The Right Resources

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How To Learn How To Make Money Online

I want to learn how to make money online- something I have been saying to myself for the past ten years, but never found anything but scam sites. And yes, I wasted a lot of money by falling for their “copy and paste your way to financial freedom” line or Join free and get instant access.

Once I clicked on these sites there was always a long dragged out video and then the clinch..just one small fee and you are on your way to making BIG money today! Hand over the cash and then left in the dark..what do I do next??

Want To Learn For Real?

click what is the best way to make money online to learn more, and come back to this page.

My name is Lisa and I am proof that you can make money online by using the resources I am sharing with you right now. If you clicked the link above then you read about the home business success system I talked about. What are your goals?

Let Me Be Your Support System

I am here to help. Send me an email or leave a comment here. I am never far away from my computer these days and promise I will get back to you in a short time. I will answer any questions you have and will answer them honestly. Notice this sites name: honest living online. I didn’t choose the name to deceive people.

A Trusted Community

Since its inception 13 yrs ago, this community has grown to over 400,000 members and all are willing to share their success stories as well as their guidance. Take a look below at a few actual members. Simply click each link to read their own words.

Author: writergig  from May of 2012

Author:taku123 from March 2011

Author:dougbeney from Dec 2015-made over $2000 in one month

As you can see, there is real success here. These are real members. This is just a fraction of them.

How Does It Work-How Long Does It Take

It works by following the best course outline available today. There is a reason for each lesson. If not followed as directed, important steps will be missed. For instance, if you build a website with no idea what it is you want to accomplish with it, you have wasted your time right from the start.

You will learn to choose your niche. Not sure what a niche is? Learn more

How long it takes will depend on how much of your time is invested, and if all of the course steps are taken. A website must first receive traffic and interest before it is able to start earning you revenue. Some sites jump up in the search engine ranks rather quickly. This is important.

Once your site is ranked in google and other search engines, this is where it gets exciting. To do this you must create content. Your content is what your visitors will use to decide upon their purchases. Once you gain their trust then you post affiliate links to earn money online.

Each step in our course outline will show you exactly what to do and when to do it. Success is very rarely not succeeded, and if someone fails it is due to lack of patience, failing to follow directions and not creating content at least  twice a week on their sites.

How much does it cost

It costs nothing to join. It is free and will be free forever. A lot of free members have been successful. Others choose to become premium members for the added tools and live video training available, as well as having access to their own .com/.org url. It is by no means necessary to upgrade. You will learn everything you need to know on how to earn money online with a free membership.

Take Action

The only way to succeed is by taking action. With a free membership, testimonials from real members and all of the tools available with help from over 400k members, what do you actually have to lose? It seems pretty clear to me…I was where you are right now. I took action and now have freed myself from a job I could no longer tolerate, and all thanks to this community and everything I have learned.

JOIN TODAY and be a success story we all can share!

Stay blessed,

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

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What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

I hear this question all of the time, and I was asking that same question not too long ago when I decided it was time for a career move.

Hi. My name is Lisa and I am not here to sell you a false promise or get you to join some pyramid scheme or tell you that you can make thousands of dollars by sending emails or taking surveys.

Do any of those sound familiar? I have tried each and every one of them, including the copy and paste your way to financial freedom scam. If I told you how much money I have thrown away over the years you would either laugh or gasp. I kick myself regularly believe me!

Learn From Others

The best way to make money online is by learning from others who have been where you are and have built a successful business by using proven methods taught to them. In order to earn you must first learn. If you are not willing to do this then you are doomed to failure.

There is no such thing as a “push button business” that automatically earns you money. In every successful venture there is an amount of time and effort involved. Notice I did not say you must invest large amounts of money to create an online business, because you don’t. In fact, you can begin with no investment at all, just a few hours of your time is all that is needed to start.

How To Build A Business Online

In order to build a successful online business you need a blueprint, and one that has a proven success record. One such platform is an online community called (click to read a review) Wealthy Affiliate. This is the very platform I discovered and have been using to build my own online presence.

Once I created my own FREE account and had a look around, I was excited (still am) to see the thousands of members who share their own success stories and create video training that every member can review to see just how they achieved their online goals. It is truly amazing.

How To Build A Website For Free
Click to watch this amazing video

Along with your free membership, you will learn how to build a website for free. In fact, here is an actual video you can view on this. Just click the image.

As you can see, there is so much to learn and Kyle walks you through each process, step by step. By the way, Kyle is a co-founder of our community and makes it a priority to welcome each new member personally.

Best Course On How To Make Money Online

Within the community platform, you will find the best course on how to make money online. If you watched the video above, you saw how easy Kyle made it to build a website. That was just the beginning!

There are over 13 different classrooms to learn each and every (up until now )secret to online success. Each video tutorial in the course lessons take you step by step on how to build a website, install every plugin needed to get it indexed in google search and much more.

With over 13 yrs experience in online marketing, Kyle and Carson have put together the very best training course and take pride in the fact that their members succeed where others fail, simply because they have included all of the tools, left nothing out. They want their members to succeed. And joining is easy and yes, it is FREE.

Once your free account is all set up, take your time and go through the first course lessons. I absolutely guarantee that you will learn everything you need to know to make a living online. Once you have created your two free websites, with hosting included, and see the potential you have to earn a steady income, you can then upgrade to a premium membership if desired. There is no obligation to do so.

To join our community, you can click the video image or simply click here. I hope you make the best decision of your life!

Stay Blessed,

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online Free- A Proven System

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This question comes up more often than any other: what is the best way to make money online free.

A Proven system

If you want to make money online and make money online for free, then you must use a proven system. What is a proven system? One that has been around for a considerable amount of time, has a proven track record and actually delivers what they promise.

How Do You Make Money Online For Free

The only proven way to make money online for free is by promoting other peoples products. The video featured here is part of a series available to learn how to promote other peoples products for free. It is free to view. Click on it and watch!

How To Work At Home And Make Money Online
  1. Own a computer
  2. Have internet access
  3. Have basic computer skills
  4. Have an idea or hobby- turn that into a source of income
  5. Find a trusted venue
  6. Build a website
  7. Create content
  8. Get paid
How Does It All Work

By having a proven home business success system, you can work from home and make money. People are doing it every day. Knowing what to do and where to find the tools you need is the key to success. Ask yourself this question: are you SERIOUS about wanting to stay home with your family and earn an income? Or are you kicking the tires and wondering if you can actually do it. Yes you can! Do not let self doubt get in the way, especially when there is a proven, trusted program waiting for you!

What Does It Cost

It costs nothing to get started. You join for free and in return are welcomed into a community of wealthy affiliates waiting to train you every step of the way. You receive two free websites and web hosting. You also have access to video tutorials that will walk you through each step of building your websites, all the way to how to monetize your site to start earning you money.

Sounds too good to be true? The website you are visiting right now was created within the community I am sharing with you  now. Want proof? I want you to visit my personal profile page and see for yourself. My personal email address is  contact me anytime to learn more on how I created my own business using this proven system, and I joined for free.

I Am Here To Help You Succeed!
Visit My Profile Page

By Joining our wealthy affiliate community, you have access to over 13 different classrooms and thousands of video tutorials on every subject. Plus, live chat 24/7 and of course, I am always available to answer any questions and point you in the right direction.

A Trusted Community

Right from the start you will see that everything you ever wanted to know about starting an online business is right here. Here is what I have learned, and believe me, I am no novice on a computer but wow! I learned in one day:

  1. How to build a website and have it live within an hour
  2. How to add plugins
  3. How to install google tools
  4. What keywords are and how important they are
  5. How to get ranked in google
  6. How to install a site map
  7. How to choose a niche
  8. How to design pages

And that is just the beginning of what I have learned within this community. Not only that, but it is a fun place to hang out and chat with fellow members, review their websites and gain even more insight on what others are doing to make their business grow and become a success. We learn from each other.

Final word: Anyone who is serious about staying at home and making money is a fool not to join this community. Period. There is so much to gain and NOTHING TO LOSE.

Stay Blessed

Home Business Success System-The Only Proven Method

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Home Business Success

If you are seeking a home business success system you are not alone. More people are turning to internet marketing in order to spend more time with their children or remain in the home in order to home school.

Others are looking for a way to supplement their income after retirement. And others are striving to put an end to the daily commute to their 9-5 job that has become a source of stress with no real opportunity for advancement.

What Options Are There

Build a web store
the wedding store

One option is to build a web store and “stock” it with products you wish to sell. You must implement E-commerce so your visitors can make purchases. If you shop online you are familiar with the shopping cart and checkout process. A web site with E-commerce capabilities can be costly to maintain, and each month there are fees regardless if you sell any products. Unless you have experience, it is not advisable to jump into a web store business when first starting out to earn money online.

Sell On Ebay

Some people have success by selling their own items on Ebay, either by auctioning or straight pricing. Open an account, list your items and sit back and wait for them to sell. That sounds easy. One thing about this way is charging enough for packing and shipping or there goes your profit. There are fees on Ebay as well depending on how you list and the price you are asking for. Ebay is good for making a little extra money and de-cluttering your house or garage.

Join A Program

There a many programs out there that promise to make money online fast and the amounts they claim to make should be dead giveaways to how dishonest they really are: “make $35k per month” or “Copy and paste your way to success”

These programs are there for one reason: to make THEMSELVES rich by cleverly worded advertisements that tell the reader absolutely nothing on how their program will make you rich. If you have ever visited some of these sites, they are filled with “testimonials” on how they became a success in a week using “this simple program”

There is no get rich quick program out there. The sooner people realize this fact, the quicker these scam sites will begin to disappear! Any venture requires an amount of investment, but this investment does NOT need to be your hard earned money. Your time is the most valuable asset to building an online business!

The Only Proven Method

The best way to earn money online is by affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? In a nut shell, this is the way to sell other peoples products and or services while earning a percentage of each sale that you refer.

How Does It Work
  • Build a web site
  • Create quality content that answers a question or solves a problem
  • Gain your visitors trust through knowledge
  • Join affiliate programs that are relevant to the content on your site
  • Provide a way for your visitors to reach a decision
  • Include links for visitors to click to ultimately make their purchase
  • Collect your commission
  • Repeat the process
Where To Start

Before jumping into building a web site, first decide exactly what it is you will be selling/promoting.

Do you have an interest or hobby you are passionate about? That is an excellent place to begin, because if you are not interested in the subject matter, your reader will know and will not be interested in sticking around long enough to learn what you have to say.

Step 2

Once you have decided what it is you want to share/promote/sell, then it is time to choose a web platform or hosting and begin building your site. Your sites theme should fit in with whatever you are promoting.

Step 3

Begin adding content to your site.

Add your pages: the about page, privacy policy and other parent pages that will be seen on the header (static page or main page) as visitors come into the site.

Begin adding posts to your site pertaining to your chosen niche. Add appropriate content that will answer a question or solve a problem, which will ultimately lead to the solution, such as a review on a certain product you have used and wish to promote.

Step 4

Once you have established yourself as an authority and have gained some traffic and trust with your visitors, begin signing up with affiliate programs that sell the products/services you are promoting. It is important to do this step once your site is fairly established or those affiliate programs may not accept your application. Make sense? They want a site that has traffic.

step 5

Once your affiliate applications are approved, you then begin adding links and images with links embedded into your site for your visitors to click, which will bring them to the appropriate external site to purchase those products/services you are promoting.

It Is That Easy

There is a step by step  plan to follow that will ensure your success as an affiliate marketer. attempting to speed up this process will hinder the progress of your site and it will go nowhere. If you wish to see one of my sites, click this link to see what an affiliate web site looks like.

How I Created My Business

I joined an affiliate marketing community. That is how I have learned everything I know now. Just two months ago I was in the dark on how to earn a living online. I had a website yet absolutely no traffic. Once I joined this community, all of the pieces began to fall into place and I had a huge AHA moment.

There is a little more to it than simply tossing a website out there and expecting people to find it. Along with the 5 steps I have outlined, there are other steps to take to ensure that your website will be found, and this is where I am so very blessed to have found this community.

Quality content is just the beginning to creating a successful online business. You need tools.

The Tools To Success

Within this community I was met with one of the co-founders, who personally welcomed me.

I discovered classrooms, video tutorials and a whole actual course that taught me how to build a quality website from scratch and implement the tools needed within that website to get my site organic traffic within the first week.

I was amazed to see my site ranked on google within the first 3 top pages, and eventually on the first page, which is where you want your site to be. How often do you click on page two or page four when searching for something?

What’s The Catch

You are asking yourself this right now aren’t you? I don’t blame you. I have been burned by scam sites before and just about gave up trying to find an HONEST one that actually follows through with their promises. There is NO CATCH. As stated at the very beginning, no hidden fees. Join for FREE, and it is free as long as you like. You can upgrade anytime but there is absolutely no pressure to do so.

Two Free Websites

Along with FREE membership and training, you will receive two free websites and web hosting to get you started earning real money online. Step by step video tutorials will show you how to create your first site the very same hour you sign up.

Success Comes Only In Taking action

If you have read this far, clicked on the link to see my own website in action, then you are serious about learning the only proven method to earn a living online. Begin your new life online by clicking HERE now!

Stay Blessed,

visit my profile page

How To Build A Website For Free- And Earn Revenue

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How To Build A Website For Free

Welcome! Here you will learn how to build a website for free. You will learn more than that though. You will learn how to make money online with your free website and also where you can be trained for free on how to monetize your site. Lets get started!

Creating Your Website- choose a theme

First you must choose a platform or web hosting. A few free platforms are weebly, siterubix, and wordpress. These are the most popular. Let’s say you choose wordpress. The first thing you must do is choose a theme, which will create the over- all look of your site, depending upon what your particular site will be promoting. You do know what you will be promoting I presume.. so moving on..


Here you will choose how you wish to customize your site. You get to this by logging into your sites dashboard then choosing appearance, which will then give you options for:

  • Theme settings: layouts, background settings, footer settings
  • Site Identity: Logo, site title, tagline and site icon
  • Colors: preferred color scheme
  • Header Image: to be displayed on the header
  • Background image: to be displayed in the background
  • Menus: Locations of news feed, previous posts, etc
  • Widgets: added to sidebar
  • Static front page: the page permanently fixed
  • Additional CSS

Depending upon which theme you select, there may be more or fewer options available


Each theme has a wide array of plugins available to use on your website. A plugin will allow certain features to be activated, such as All in one SEO, social media share and subscribe as well as those used for creating ad content.


Here you will see options for pages. A page is something that will have a fixed position on your website, such as the top header or footer. All sites should include an About Page, and a Privacy Policy page.


Here you will create your daily or weekly posts where you will discuss whatever it is you are sharing or promoting. A post is meant to inform and engage your reader.

Depending on your theme, and there are many, there are options for categories, comments, contacts and users. Other various tools are also available.


You can add media to your site. Either Jpg images or videos or music  which you can embed to create content that will provoke interest and or entertain your readers.


Within each post or page you can create external, internal or back links which will lead your readers to the desired source of information.


Create tags to allow internet searches to find your content easily.

As you can see, there is some work involved in building a website, but do not let that intimidate you. How would you like to learn how to build a website in under one minute for free?

Free Tools Free Training

What I am about to share with you is a valuable video on how to create a website for free. In under one minute. It wasn’t that long ago I was searching for what you are now and found everything I needed to know and more.

I had some knowledge and knew basic computer skills. I had even created a weebly site that never went anywhere except for friends and family who visited. If you are searching for how to build a website then no doubt you also have an interest in earning  money online as well. After all, isn’t that what websites are for?

Once I discovered this platform it was a no brainer. I knew I had finally found all of the tools needed to build a website. Not only that but to my delight I found free training on how to implement the secrets those successful websites use to get top rankings and major traffic each and every day. FOR FREE.

If you want to learn ALL of the inside secrets to internet success then my friend, visiting this site is the best thing you stumbled upon today. Once you see the amount of information available you will be as excited as I was to learn more.

Learn SEO

Learn how to optimize your website in search engines and gain new visitors every day by creating quality content on a consistent basis.

Learn KeyWords

Learn how keywords play an important part in getting traffic to your site, using the FREE keyword tool

Learn Analytics

Learn how google analytics plays a part in ranking your website and how you can use this tool to gain even more traffic.

What Is A Niche

Learn what a niche is and how to choose one to optimize your earning potential. Have a hobby you like to share? That can be your niche. Do you know where to get the best products or services? Become an authority on that subject and create a dedicated audience that will look to you for advice. Direct that audience to the affiliated websites where they will make a purchase. Now you have a source of income.

Can you share relevant knowledge with friends and family? You already have the skills needed to become successful. All you need is the tools to get there.

Even if you are just looking for a way to build a website to store your family photos and share with everyone, or perhaps are seeking a way to earn a little extra money to buy birthday presents or save for a rainy day, knowing everything you can about websites will be of great benefit to you. All you need to do is visit the free video and learn now. I promise you will learn and then you can earn.



Websites And Hosting-Free Vs Paid

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Thinking about building a website but really do not know where to start? You are in the right place. This blog post is all about websites and hosting.

Paid Websites And Hosting

First, we will discuss the paid websites/hosting platforms out there.

Shopify: Plans start at $9/mo

Add E-Commerce for an additional $9/month

Once you build your website, then what? Do you have products in your garage or perhaps you own a store in a particular location? If you own a physical store, chances are you are not new to websites.

Let’s move on to free. Most people are looking for free platforms and there are a ton of those out there as well

Free Websites


Godaddy: Free trial





What Do These Offer

All of these sites offer many templates to choose from, some say 24/7 support and they all “build” your website automatically for you with their basic features pre-installed.

Some offer (for a fee) to add E commerce in order to monetize your site. You then pay a monthly premium and hope and pray people will visit your site to buy whatever products you are selling.

What They Don’t Offer

These free sites do not offer to optimize your site. That is totally up to you. By optimizing, there are numerous factors involved and here are a few:

  • Adding google analytics
  • Adding All in One SEO
  • How to work with HTTP/HTML
  • Meta tags, and what they are
  • Offer a keyword tool-and how to use it to drive traffic to your site. No traffic, no sales!

There is more to a website than meets the eye, but do not let that frighten you! And paying for a website is not the answer either because even though you pay for it, they have left out the key elements needed to create a successful website that will actually earn money. Not fair, is it?

They get you to create your free or premium website and then leave you to figure out the most important aspect: How To Make Money

The Solution-Education

If you are serious about creating a professional website that has the potential to earn high revenue, then I suggest visiting this platform to learn everything you need to know and more about creating a successful online business, from scratch, in a very short time.

Here you will learn step by step 

  • Create a professional website the same day you begin training- and it will be LIVE and active the same day!
  • Learn how to optimize
  • Learn what key words are, use the free tool and drive traffic to your site
  • Content is they key
  • Learn the key elements needed to succeed
  • One on one video training and visual aids
  • No secrets. You will learn EVERYTHING the top websites are doing to earn high revenue!
  • Live 24/7 support to answer any and all questions
  • 13 different classrooms to learn ALL aspects of online marketing
  • Weekly live training sessions


Yes, I said free. You have the opportunity to learn everything mentioned here and more for free, by the nations top ranked platform anywhere. And this is guaranteed free for you to sign up. No hidden fees, no credit card needed. No free trial. Free as long as you like. You have nothing to lose by signing up, and once you do, I guarantee you will be thrilled by the community that awaits to welcome you!

Get Ready To Learn

Act now. You have a bright future ahead of you! What are you waiting for? CLICK IT! See you on the winning side!


Wealthy Affiliate- An Honest Review

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What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate has been around for over 12 years and is owned by Kyle and Carson. They have taken great measures to offer the very best training and web hosting on the internet today. They want their members to succeed and it shows.

When I joined a little over a month ago, I had no idea what to expect from wealthy affiliate. I received a personal email from Kyle, welcoming me to the community and made himself available for any questions or concerns. Kyle creates training videos and his expertise shines through in every one of them.

Wealthy affiliate has 700,000 members and top ranking members create their own training tutorials to help other members as well. You are never alone in this community.

Wealthy affiliate is the top ranked business platform. No other program offers what WA does for free memberships!

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

Once you create your free membership, you begin training, at your own pace. Once you begin viewing the video tutorials, whether you are brand new to the idea of internet earning or already have a website, I guarantee you will learn everything and more at wealthy affiliate to help you succeed.

Will This Be YOUR Year?

There are step by step video tutorials and over twelve different classrooms that teach you how to choose a niche, how key words play a part in helping your website ranking in Google, how to install google analytics and other webmaster tools.

From the very first video tutorial you will build your first website. Kyle walks you through each process and by the end of the first lesson you have a published website ready to earn you money. How many other programs will do this-for free? I would like to hear about them. Feel free to leave a comment.

Course Description

Level 1 begins with getting rolling. This first course has 10 lessons. It moves on to

  • Understanding how to make money online
  • choosing a niche
  • Building your website
  • Setting up your website
  • Getting your site ready for SEO
  • Finding content ideas from keywords
  • Understand website pages
  • Creating quality website content
  • congratulations and you next step

As you can see, by the end of level one you have a published website ready to earn you money at home.

Comments from members

Membership Level: Premium
Member Since: Aug 17, 2012
On level two course training:

There’s so much misinformation online right now, it is amazing how accurate this course has managed to get it. You won’t find a more up to date guide to getting traffic than this.

Not only that, it is very easy to follow and is incredibly practical. As you can tell, I am a big fan.

Membership Level: Premium
Member Since: Jul 17, 2013
On Level two course content:
Looking at it from a newer member perspective, this course will have you building your website to stay. It has great information that’s very useful, but more importantly; it’s easy to follow. Simple and effective, the best kind of learning.
Membership Level: Premium
Member Since: Nov 13, 2011
On course 1 training:
An amazing course. Nothing like WA for learning everything there is to know about Internet Marketing. As Ty recommends first of all go through all the training and if you get stuck then ask questions in chat along the way. But make sure you do each and every lesson. It is very interesting and very rewarding.

Does It Work?

Notice how long these members have been at wealthy affiliate…doesn’t that tell you it works? You can view their comments on the bottom of the course pages. They are real members.
If anyone is willing to put in the effort, follow the course outline exactly, earning money from home will become a reality. How much you earn depends solely on you and the effort you put into your own site.

No Excuse For Failure

The only way to fail is by falling victim to impatience. Any great website will begin to earn revenue withing a few short months or even sooner. Again, that depends on the effort you yourself put into creating quality content and utilizing each and every tool that is offered at wealthy affiliate.

There is 24/7 help available. Live chats are always open and every member is there to help in any way possible, including Kyle himself. He takes pride in the wealthy affiliate program and cares about each and every member.

Always Free To Join

There is no fee to join wealthy affiliate. How many programs offer so much training for free? Please leave a comment if you know of one. They do offer a premium membership at $47 per month, but nobody is obligated or hassled to upgrade in any way.

Two Free Websites

Included with your free membership are two free websites hosted by siterubix through the wealthy affiliate website. These two free websites that you will create from scratch have the potential to earn you a good living if you are serious about earning money online from home. Plus you are trained for free how to create these sites. How is that for a real deal?

Nothing To Lose

Ask yourself this: What have you got to lose by trying wealthy affiliate? You can join for free, you get free training and two free websites to get you started earning real money online. Any misgivings you may have will melt away when you log in for the first time and see a real live community right there, ready to welcome you and help you succeed.

Visit one of my websites: and see that I am a real member, and created this site using the training I am receiving at wealthy affiliate. This site has been gooogle indexed and rather quickly using the webmaster tools I learned from Kyle, is generating traffic and very soon will be earning me a good income. Of that I am confident.

I learned how to create an Amazon store via a WA members training tutorial. That training in itself is worth a lot of money.

See For Yourself

I have included a link to the course one lesson plan for you to review. simply click HERE. See for yourself what wealthy affiliate has to offer. You have everything to gain and it is right at your fingertips.

Thank you for visiting and I really hope to see you in the WA community soon.