Expectations- Are You Realistic?

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Good day to you.

First, I am not here to fill you with all of the hype that comes along with the “earn money online” scam sites out there, and there are plenty of them. If it’s there I no doubt have researched it and or joined at one low point in my life, searching for the elusive get rich quick scheme or MLM. Oh boy..don’t get me started on those.

What I Am Here For

I am here to show you that there is a way to make money online. You CAN earn an honest living online. I can show you how to do just that, but first there are some misconceptions that need to be cleared away.

What are you expecting?

what do expect to achieve? What are your impressions on how people earn an honest living online? How much money do you expect to earn, and how long do you think it should take you? What are your goals?

You Only Get Back What You Are Willing To Put In

I’m not talking about money here either at this point. It costs nothing to build a website. Yes, you need a website.

So, you may already know that in order to make any money online you need to have a website in place. Great. That’s a start. Or perhaps you already have a website and its not making you any money. Why? Just because you have a website, do not expect it to sit there and make money for you. Its not an automated money making machine. Understood? You have to work with it daily, build content- quality content. Make it a place where your visitors want to return to learn. If you do not have a website, I suggest you start here

Where Do You Get Content

Content is something you as a consumer are interested in and have general knowledge in. What are your interests or hobbies? Use that as a foundation to build upon. If it is something you are interested in then you will have no problem with creating interesting content your visitors will enjoy. The more you know about a certain topic the more your visitors will learn to trust you and ultimately purchase whatever it is you are promoting.

Where Do You Start

You can start where I ended my search. A step by step program that will show you everything you need and then some. No big hype, no false promises, no secrets in the back room like all of the others who take your money and leave you in the dark, only handing you tidbits…just enough to hook you in and afterwards leave you floundering. and the cost? FREE. Free to join. Free website. Free hosting. You never have to pay a penny. The proof is right here

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