How do you buy a domain name-more to it than that

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What is a domain name

A domain name will represent your online business or presence and should be chosen carefully. 

Hi. My name Is Lisa and I will answer how do you buy a domain name and even go further into this subject, because to simply explain buying a domain name is telling you nothing about how to choose a domain name and where to buy a domain name to maximize your online presence and achieve a source of income, which I am assuming will be your ultimate goal. Correct? Great, let’s get started!

Before I explain on how to buy a domain name, let me first ask you this question: What do you need a domain name for, meaning what is its purpose?

  1. To make money online
  2. To share knowledge
  3. To sell products
  4. Just because
To Make Money Online

This is the most popular and obvious reason for wanting to buy a domain name. First, how do you plan to make money online?

  1. Sell your own products/service
  2. Sell other peoples products/services
  3. Not sure-just want to make money
Sell your own products/service

You want to sell your own products or service. What are you selling or offering as a service? This is where you begin to choose your domain name.

Say you want to sell teddy bears and your name is Sally. You can name your domain

How do you know if that name is taken? It depends on where you purchase your domain name from, which is the next step after choosing a name that is relevant to the product/service you are offering. Am I making sense?

You are on my website named Why did I choose that name? Because I want to show people how to earn an honest living online. That is my goal. Okay, moving on…

There are many places to buy a domain name and here are a few:

wix free website domains

google domain names

You buy your domain name-then what?

Awesome! You have your domain name. Now what do you do with it?

  1. Let it sit there until you figure out what’s next
  2. Learn how to build a website- the reason for buying a domain name
  3. Nothing- I’m lost, this is too hard refunds?? (nope. no refunds)

Here is where I really come into the picture, because I know how to build a business beginning with choosing a name, purchasing the domain and setting up a website all from the same venue and it doesn’t cost a penny. Are you excited? You should be because I am not joking now.

What if I told you I now have three active websites online right now  that are generating traffic as you read this blog? (plus this one. That makes four)  Go ahead and check them out- I will wait-

Would you like to learn how to build a great looking website to go along with that domain name?

Have you decided that I am not pulling your leg? Those websites are actually mine and I didn’t know too much about building an online business until just a few months ago when I found the platform I am now using. It was the best decision I ever made. At my age, ( I just turned 50) and have been longing to do something different with my life. ( I was working in health care, which is hard on a body)

I found a free program  or platform I call it and looked at what they had to offer. I was immediately surprised to see that not only do they show you step by step via video tutorials, they also show you how to drive traffic to your new site. This is important because: if you have no traffic, you have no income. And this is where a lot of websites fail.

All too often I have seen programs (and wasted money on them) that promised to help me make money online and every time I was $39.95 or more poorer and not a step closer to what I was really looking for. Can you relate?

Click this link now to get more information on one way to use this program to earn money online. Remember: IT IS FREE and you will not be asked for a credit card-ever.

A direct link to this website is HERE

Take action now if you are serious about making a positive change in your life.

I really hope you choose to take a look at what we have to offer. Help is there 24/7- 365 and our community is always there to answer questions and steer you in the right direction.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. Subscribe and share too…I am here to help!



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