How to Earn A Living From Blogging

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How To Earn Money From Home

Welcome. My name is Lisa and I am going to show you how to earn a living from blogging. If you are a writer, or even if you do not have that much experience in writing/blogging, don’t let that scare you, because it is as simple as texting your friend on your phone, or creating a status on social media.

What Is A Blog?

I look at a blog as a personal space on the internet where you share ideas and inform your readers. What you are reading is a blog. For more information click the picture.

How To Earn A Living From Writing
click to learn what a blog is

As stated earlier, even if you are not a professional writer you can become a successful blogger. Here is one secret that a lot of the programs out there never share: It isn’t your words that create a successful blog, it is the content. Content is the key to a successful blog. Here’s why:

How Do People Find Your Blog?

If people can’t find your blog, they wont know it is there… unless you ask family or friends to visit it. How do people search for things on the internet- by typing an inquiry into google or some other search engine. To a blogger, those words are called keywords and are valuable. Why is this? It is called indexing.

When you type in a search for something, say dog food, you are brought to a page of results. This is the first page. How often do you continue on to the second or third page to find what you are seeking? This is how keywords play an important role in how people find your blog. Getting the idea?

How Do You Create A Blog

First, it really isn’t a good idea to name your blog after yourself. Why? Remember what you just read about keywords? How many people will be searching for you personally? Now that we have that straight, think about what you want to blog about. A specific topic come to mind? A Hobby? Think about it as we move on…

Building Your Blog

A blog is really a blogsite and uses the same platform as a website, such as wordpress. You begin by choosing a domain name. Do you have that topic I told you to think about? That can become your domain name. Awesome huh? Moving on…

Making Money By Blogging

Once you have your blogsites domain name, it can be monetized. This is where your content comes in. Your content will be created by using those keywords I mentioned, which will in turn drive traffic to your site. Every aspect of a blogsite revolves around keywords. There are different ways to earn money from blogging but the most successful way is by using affiliate links. This is how I earn income online. You can see one of my sites by clicking HERE

My name is Lisa and I am here to help

Now that you have a good idea how a blogsite can earn you money, Is it something you want to do part time or full time? I am now enjoying life by blogging full time and I absolutely love it.  ( I quit my job in healthcare after 15 yrs finally)I want to show others how to do the same!

Where Did I Learn It all?

I learned everything I shared with you and much more by joining an organization that offers a free course on making money online. It is free to join (no credit card needed). I would not be where I am today if I had not stumbled across this wonderful community.

I thought I could figure everything out for myself but failed over and over and nearly gave up, to continue working in a field that no longer gave me satisfaction. Not to mention the toll it takes on the body.

Are You Ready To Move On To Something Better?

Want a sneak peak into the world of successful affiliates? Click the link below

Getting Started

Create your free account, and once there look me up!  (LPluth)I and a host of others will be there to welcome you and share everything you need to know on how to  earn a living from blogging and much, much more!

Stay Blessed,

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